The consulting and design service on the topics of water supply and wastewater treatment is carried out through a thorough analysis of the client's needs.

Systems manufacturing

Manufacture of a purification or water treatment system, we provide the preparation of water and water resources, which are our sources of life, for drinking and use.

Turnkey construction

Environmental technology company VKG, depending on the size of the project, has the ability to implement any order remotely or directly on site at the client.


The VKG company combines in its policy such components as: a delicate approach to a person and to the environment. The VKG company has a practice of work in UAE. VKG has been involved in public and private projects. The environmental technology company VKG has a leading position in the market and has successful domestic and foreign investments. The VKG company combines in its policy such components as: qualified specialists, a delicate approach to people and the environment, an individual approach to design, a correct and accurate analysis of the client’s request, turnkey project delivery, affordable prices, long-term solutions to the tasks set.


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Maintenance and after-sales support

For the company. VKG is of great importance for the quality and long-term performance of all financial investments that you have invested in existing or new water filtration (purification) and water supply systems.


Due to the professional approach, VKG provides all the necessary technical support to ensure the required quality of water production.

– Special solutions for our customers
– Experience gained over the years
– A team of engineers that responds quickly to problems

Installation of wastewater treatment systems

Under the influence of many factors, such as global warming and unconscious consumption, water and water resources, which are our source of life, are reduced and become difficult to access, and the water that can be obtained is far from drinking and household water.

The use of water treatment systems that provide water preparation for drinking and use in homes, factories, industrial facilities and social facilities, that is, wherever people are, is becoming widespread every day.

We offer you professional services for the installation and treatment of wastewater treatment systems.


The first step in water and wastewater treatment systems is the raw water source, which means it is very important that physical, chemical and bacteriological analyzes of the water source to be treated are carried out.


VKG has developed a unique water purification technology that turns the dirtiest water into clean and usable water. VKG technology is based on the use of ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis, which ensures maximum efficiency and reliability of the purification process.


To avoid environmental pollution and possible damage to human health, it is very important to monitor domestic and industrial wastewater emissions.


Water is an indispensable part of all living things. None of the living organisms on our planet can exist without water. Mankind every day realizes the importance of water for life, as well as the difficulty in its production.


Construction of water purification systems in production

Installation of river water treatment systems

Construction of cleaning systems in chemical production

Construction of a sewage filtration system

Construction of an industrial water treatment plant

Construction of sewage treatment plants


The employees of our company have a unique work experience and a level of knowledge in the field of environmental technologies.

The policy of our company includes such components as: a personal approach to each client, the implementation of water purification systems for special use, taking into account the needs of our customers.
VKG company closely follows the global trends in the fields of water treatment,  industry, engineering, design, technical services, equipment supply.
VKG is located in Shared disk, Hama Business Centre, Sharjah Media City , Al Missned, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

The key concepts of VKG are: a delicate approach to the population, an individual approach to design, correct and accurate analysis of the client’s request, long-term solutions to the tasks set.